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When emailing us, please explain what you are looking for, if it's for show, breeding or pet, if you'd like a male or female. Will only meet at public location in Sanger, TX. If unsure of my location you can use map quest to get directions. I am located 55 minutes north of Dallas/ Fort Worth TX. Will not under any circumstances meet at my residence.

All show and brood quality rabbits do come with a full pedigree. Pet rabbits do not come with a pedigrees. All rabbits are priced between $50- $200 depending on quality.

Show quality rabbit has no disqualification as per ARBA standard of perfection. We cannot guarantee how a rabbit will place on a show tables.

Brood quality rabbit may have a disqualification that prevents it from showing, such as a broken toe, tail, not enough color on a broken or weight. The rabbit will have one or more traits that make it an asset to a breeding herd.

Once a rabbit leaves my property it is no longer my responsibility.

Everything I have for sale is first come first serve.

We have the right to refuse a sale to anyone.